If you don’t know about Human Synergistics and the wonderful tools they offer, you really should check them out.  They have been at this for 30 years and have instruments for organizations, teams, groups and individuals.   These tools allow members of your organization to assess their own experience – rather than have a consultant tell them where they are.  The conversations that follow are rich and insightful.  The image below is a sample of the Organization instrument that they provide.

Also, unlike many other instruments, HSI’s offerings are grounded in solid research by Ph.D researchers.  Tell ‘em Dominic sent you!

I didnt.  But Beth Kantor has an excellent post about this topic in her must-read blog on technology and non-profits.  Here are a couple of highlights I clipped from Beth.  Go to her blog to read the full post:

  • PhotoDNA is an team effort between Microsoft researchers and Dartmouth College computer science professor Hany Farid to create a way to identify and remove images of child pornography from search engines, based on matching their digital fingerprints provided by law enforcement agencies.
  • Microsoft researchers are collaborating with the academic community on environmental problems, such as aggregation and visualization of complex scientific data from many sources.  Take for example  deploying 200 sensorsthroughout the Brazilian rainforest to measure and visualize the effects of climate change.  Or the Web site Microsoft Hohm that lets  people calculate their energy footprint and get tips on conservation.
  • Elevate America a workforce development program,  that provides one million vouchers for Microsoft e-learning courses and select certification exams at no cost to recipients.   The program works in partnership with states across the country.