I am currently on a webinar with the Alliance for NonProfit Management.  This is part of a monthly series of webinars through which the Alliance seeks to engage its members.  Here are some of the things that we are discussing

  • Regular updates about financial status and membership
  • Seeking input about the future focus and programs of the Alliance
What I like about this is that they are not waiting for their annual conference to address these issues in the one-hour “business meeting.”  Rather, they are providing for a regular opportunity for members to dialogue about these issues.

Bridgespan group


I think the Bridgespan group is one of the best resources on the non-profit world.  Their stuff is always substantive.  Here is an example – their report of a doctoral dissertation on people who come from for-profit to non-profit leadership.  But take a look around at the whole site.   It is worth your while.