This morning I heard a presentation by Tim Sanders, a former Yahoo exec who now speaks and writes on the topic of corporate social responsibility.  Tim was really impressive because he presents CSR as more than just a “good thing to do.”  He backs up his arguments with lots of data and makes several really impressive points

  • Companies that commit to CSR also have great retention.  Turns out people are very loyal to workplaces where they can find meaning and participate in creating a good greater than just their own self-interest
  • CSR helps shift the culture of a company from me-focused to helping others
  • Markets are recognizing that companies that practice CSR are also more likely to be ethical and therefore a good investment
So you see, you can have your cake and eat it too.  You can do good in the world and take care of the bottom line.  Its not rocket-science.  Its good business sense.

I highly encourage you to follow Tim on his blog.



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