Follow-Up to NTEN


OK, so this is not exactly on-the-spot reporting (three weeks later).  But here are my takeaways from NTEN’s NTC:

  • Diverse attendance:  One worry that I had was that the conference would just be tekkies talking techno-language all day.  Instead, it was a wonderful mix of people of varying levels of technological skills.  It was also diverse by age, geography and race/ethnicity.  So that was very good.
  • Resources:  The conference offered tons of sessions on a wide range of topics.   Here is a link to PowerPoints for the sessions, on a cool site calledSlideShare.
  • Seth Godin:  Seth did not actually speak at the conference, but I was able to able to pick up a free copy of his book, Linchpin, which I recommend.  Seth articulates much of the spirit of NTEN.
The big question I have after a conference like this is “Now What?”  Is there any on-the-ground community to follow-up with the rest of the year?  On the point, only time will tell.



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