Fast Company magazine reports that Facebook is changing how it measures success.  ”With 750 million members, the social network will no longer base success on user numbers but on the cool stuff they make using Facebook.

So many of the organizations I work with measure their success on numbers – how many members do we have?  how many people attend our events?  How much product do we sell?  That’s an easy metric but it does not show much impact.  How are people’s lives better because of your organization?  What are you empowering them to do?  What “cool stuff” do you offer them?  Can they do things because of your organization that they could not do on their own?

Do you know these answers?  Not anecdotally, but with data that you regularly collect?  Most of the organizations I work with do not.  That is not a condemnation, it is just a fact.   But it also points the direction in which organizations, for-profit and non-profit, need to move in the future.



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