Pope Benedict XVI istweeting each day of the Lenten Season.  According to the Vatican ‘Starting on Ash Wednesday, themes from that papal message will be posted on Twitter each day during Lent and over the coming months other papal speeches and documents are likely to be tweeted in a similar way, hoping to attract the media-savvy generation and entice them to find out more.’”

Not only is he tweeting, but he is using it effectively.  He has a target audience (media-savvy younger generation) and is using his tweets to focus on a larger message (the Catholic season of Lent).  In my work with many non-profit and faith-based groups there is a tendency to dismiss Twitter as a fad.  But what if you were to use Twitter and other social media tools  to communicate an important message to a group that you have a hard time reaching?  What group and what message would you choose?  Are you ready to get started?  Pope Benedict is.



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