So many leaders that I coach just can’t say no.  They cant say no to …

  • Reviewing the work they delegated so they would not have to worry about it
  • Sitting in meetings they don’t need to be at but were requested to “put in an appearance”
  • Micromanaging a slew of unimportant details
  • Trying to make sure everyone is happy all the time
  • Listening to proposals they know can never work
These leaders are making a bigger mistake than simply wasting time and wearing themselves out.  They are missing huge opportunities to positively impact their organizations.  They make the mistake of thinking that being busy (over-busy) must mean they are being productive.  But this busyness often causes them to miss huge opportunities. They can’t slow down enough to get perspective on where their organization is.  They don’t have time to launch and lead creative new initiatives, to identify new sources of revenue/funding or build alliances with key partners.

The only way to get that kind of time is to say No to the trivial and unimportant.  And that is not easy, but you can do it if you remember what you are saying Yes to!



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